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There are two Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) systems methods: Electronic filters and wavelength dispersive: o Electronic filters Include: Liquid Crystal Tunable Filters (LCTF), and Acousto Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF) o Wavelength Dispersive Systems (WDS): Based either on a prism or a diffraction grating
WDS Grating WDS Prism Filter Spectral Bandpass: High ~constant High (changes) Low (changes) Efficiency: Varies (medium to low) High (constant) Low (changes) High Order pollution: Significant None Significant (limits wavelength range) Wavelength acquisition: Simultaneous Simultaneous Sequential Field of View: Sequential Sequential Simultaneous Analytical: Yes Yes No: relative
To see how How filter HSI systems work, play the animation
1: Approaches to Spectral Imaging Hardware, Lerner, JM, Gat, N, Wachman, E., Current Protocols in Cytometry 12.20.1-12.20.40, July 2010
To see how How WDS HSI systems work, play this animation
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